Is It Time to Change Your Air Filter?

August 24th, 2015

When was the last time you changed your air filter? Was it a month ago? A year ago? Was it when your air conditioner was first installed? You might have heard a technician say once before that you should change your air filter every month. But if you don’t know the reasons behind this warning, you may be less likely to heed it. We offer information on why regular filter changes are important and when to change or clean yours in the post below. Continue Reading

Uneven Temperatures around the House: What You Can Do about It

August 17th, 2015

Central air conditioning gives you the ability to control the temperature throughout the home from a single central location with a single system. The invention of central air conditioning changed home comfort for the better, but there is one area where many central AC systems can stand to improve. In larger homes, it’s often difficult to get the temperature to be consistent. If you notice that temperatures seem to vary in different rooms of the house, read our quick guide to find out what you can do. Continue Reading

Do I Need to Have My Refrigerant Topped Off?

August 10th, 2015

When any of your large mechanical systems breaks down, you hope that the repair will be relatively inexpensive and hassle-free. This is the reason that, when an air conditioner breaks, the owner often asks, “Do I just need my refrigerant topped off?” “Topping off” or recharging the refrigerant (which you may have heard referred to as Freon) is a common solution to air conditioning troubles that rarely addresses the actual issue: a refrigerant leak that must be sealed. Continue Reading

3 Common Habits that Make Your Air Conditioner Less Efficient

August 3rd, 2015

Saving money on energy bills is a difficult feat in the summertime. Switching off the AC system entirely is one way to go, but you can also make a few little changes that help to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner and save you money from month to month. Here are some habits you can change in order to maximize efficiency in your home. Continue Reading

Refrigerant Leaks: What You Should Do about Them

July 27th, 2015

One of the most common misconceptions about air conditioners is that the refrigerant in the system can simply run out. We often hear of technicians recharging or “topping off” refrigerant (also sometimes referred to by the brand name Freon). But the refrigerant should never dissipate on its own. If a technician tells you that your system is low on refrigerant, you either have a leak or your system was not properly “charged” in the first place. Continue Reading

Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking?

July 20th, 2015

This is one of the most common reasons our technicians are called out to repair an air conditioner. A leaky air conditioner can damage your home or allow mold and mildew a chance to develop. Besides, it’s another mess to clean up and certainly not something you should put up with for long. A technician can detect the exact source of the leak, but we’ve detailed the problem in this guide. Continue Reading

3 Questions to Ask Your Technician during Air Conditioning Installation

July 13th, 2015

Chances are, you don’t know much about the way your air conditioning system works. Most of us are happy to leave air conditioning installation to the professionals, which is certainly the best way to make sure the unit works properly. However, we recommend that you ask the following questions of your technician and think carefully about the answers you get. Continue Reading

When Installing a New Air Conditioner Is a Better Option than Repairs

July 6th, 2015

When an air conditioning system breaks down, a homeowner’s first reaction is often worry. Will the system require replacing? Of course, any air conditioner will fail at some point, but there is an upside to replacement: higher efficiency and greater comfort. Learn more about when it’s time to say goodbye in today’s guide, and why a brand new system may be the perfect addition to your home. Continue Reading

Is Your Home AC’s Compressor in Trouble?

June 29th, 2015

Every part of your home’s air conditioning system is important, but one major part that you really don’t want to run into issues is the compressor. The compressor is located in the outside portion of your AC. This component helps to power the entire AC, pumping refrigerant throughout the system so that it can do its job and remove heat from the air in your home. Continue Reading

3 Things You Should Know about Air Conditioning Installation

June 22nd, 2015

Air conditioning installation is by no means a simple process. But it’s a lot easier if you know what you’re looking for and have a good technician to help you through it. The people at Ace Air Conditioning want to help simplify things for you by providing this list of three things we think homeowners should know about air conditioning installation before beginning the process. Take a look! Continue Reading