Merced CA Air Conditioning FAQ: What Are The Benefits of Zone Control Systems?

Forced-air heating and air conditioning systems like furnaces, heat pumps and central air conditioning systems are terrific ways to heat and cool your home. They typically offer consistent and relatively efficient performance all year long.  However, there is one thing that they lack: zone control. The ability to heat or cool certain parts of your house separately from the rest has huge potential benefits. Contact the Merced air conditioning experts at Ace Air Conditioning if you’re interested in learning more about zone control systems. We thought it would be a good idea to put together some information on zone control systems for our customers who haven’t heard about them.

What Is Zone Control?

To put it simply, zone control allows you to separate your home into different areas that can be heated or cooled to their own, individual temperatures. Homes that have hot water radiators in each room naturally have a kind of zone control. Each room’s occupant can adjust their own temperature without impacting the rest of the home’s temperature.

However, most homes with forced-air systems don’t come with zone control naturally. But it is very easy to retrofit those systems with a very effective zone control system. Contact the Merced air conditioning professionals at Ace Air Conditioning if you’re interested in learning more about zone control systems.

Zone Control Installation Process

In order to divide up your home into separate heating and cooling zones a series of dampers need to be installed inside the ductwork in your home and connected to a thermostat. While this installation process might seem extensive it can actually be done quite easily. Contact the Merced, CA air conditioning technicians at Ace Air Conditioning.

Benefits of Zone Control

One of the main benefits of zone control is that you might be able to reduce the amount of energy that you use in your home. For example, when everyone in your home goes to bed there’s no need to heat or cool the rest of your home. You can just adjust your zone control to target just the bedrooms in your home so that you don’t have to waste energy conditioning the rest of the home.

For all your Merced, CA air conditioning needs call the friendly AC professionals at Ace Air Conditioning. Call Ace Air Conditioning today!

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