Livingston Furnace Tip: Is Your Furnace Under Performing?

When you live in the Livingston, CA area, you know how important it is to have a good heating system. While California is known for its hot weather, Northern California does get some seriously cold temperatures. But if your furnace is under performing it could mean that your home isn’t warm enough. Ace Air Conditioning and Heating provides complete furnace repairs in Livingston, CA as well as installation and replacement. We’ve responded to countless calls for furnace service and wanted to share some of the signs of an underperforming furnace.

Common Causes of Furnace Under Performance in Livingston, CA

Because of how important your furnace is to your comfort during the winter, you need it to work well. Here are some of the things that we’ve seen cause furnaces to work poorly.

  • Air filter – By far, a clogged air filter is the most common cause of furnace problems. The air filter for your furnace is there to keep dust and debris from getting into your furnace’s motor and other moving parts. Without regular replacement and care, the air filter can get clogged with dust. This will restrict the flow of air through your furnace and cause you not to get as much heating as you might need. It also makes your furnace work harder which reduces efficiency and can increase repairs.
  • Wrong size – Another common cause of furnace under performing is that the furnace is the wrong size for the home. More often than not, we see furnaces that are too large for their home. This means that they have too high of heat output. This typically leads to short cycling and overheating. It causes your furnace to work inefficiently and can also lead to more frequent repairs.
  • Lack of maintenance – If you don’t get your furnace regularly inspected and tuned up, it could lead to under performance. Over time, your furnace will start to develop small problems that cause it to need to work harder. This can lead to inefficiencies that waste energy.

If you need any kind of furnace repairs in Livingston, CA, call the heating experts at Ace Air. Contact Ace Air Conditioning and Heating today!

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