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Air Conditioning Installation in Merced

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Ace Air, Inc. has all the expertise, quality service, and competitive prices to make your air conditioning installation an enjoyable process. 

We have been providing a wide range of heating and cooling services in the region for years, ensuring that our technicians are highly trained, our products are top of the line, and that we can help you make the right decision for your own home.

Air conditioning systems come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of your family. So, make sure you discuss your options with our expert technicians before deciding on which one you want installed in your home. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

                Air Conditioning Installation Tips

Did you know that bigger is not always better when it comes to the air conditioning system in your home? An air conditioning system that is too large will waste energy and not cool your home as effectively. An air conditioning system that is too small won’t keep your home cool during the hottest days. A professional air conditioning contractor can determine what size AC you need for your home.

Ductless Split Air Conditioner Installation

Not everyone needs a full–sized central air system to cool a 3,500 square foot house. If you would rather just cool the bedrooms or a central family room in your house, the best bet may be to install a ductless split air conditioning system. Ductless splits provide the flexible, where–you–need–it cooling solution that millions of families rely on every July and August.

Ductless split systems usually require a single outdoor compressor with multiple indoor units that you can position in cramped quarters, on the walls, or against the floorboards of specific rooms instead of having to install ductwork throughout your entire house.

By piping coolant directly into the smaller wall–mounted units, ductless splits allow you to avoid the need for a full duct system like most other cooling systems require. You will also enjoy a much more flexible system in terms of installation and cost. And because each indoor unit has its own thermostat, you can say goodbye to thermostat warfare when one person would prefer it a little warmer in a different room.

Packaged Air Conditioning Installation

If you have a larger house with more than two or three rooms that all need to be cooled, a ductless split system probably won’t cut it. For your money, the best investment is packaged air conditioning system installation.

Packaged systems incorporate a compressor outside the house along with a series of vents installed in your house. The vents are interconnected by ducts in the walls and floors through which cool air passes after being produced by your outdoor compressor.

Central Air Conditioning Installation

For those living in larger homes, the best option is a central air conditioning system installation. There are quite a few options for central air installation depending on the home’s square footage, energy usage and frequency of use for the device, but in general these systems provide the most powerful cooling solution on the market for larger homes.

Selecting an Air Conditioning System

You may not yet know for certain what you need in your house. Luckily we can help. Ace Air, Inc. is a leading expert in household air conditioning in the San Joaquin Valley area and our highly trained technicians are familiar with a wide array of cooling solutions. We can help you determine what size and scale of air conditioning installation will keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long.

So, if it’s time to make the leap and finally solve your sweltering summer problems, contact us to see what your options are. Our priority is your comfort and peace of mind.