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Mitsubishi Mini Splits in Merced, CA

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Whether you’re on the lookout for a new air conditioner or heating system, you’d do well to consider the ductless mini split. These systems operate on heat pump technology and are quickly gaining popularity throughout the Merced, CA area as they are ideal for climates like ours.

If you want the best in ductless technology, then speak to an Ace Air, Inc. technician today about having a Mitsubishi mini split system installed. Mitsubishi is a leading manufacturer of various types of HVAC equipment and has been since the early 1980’s. Our team provides comprehensive Mitsubishi mini split services throughout the area, so contact us today!

The Benefits of Mitsubishi Mini Splits

There are so many makes and models of HVAC systems on the market today, and as a result it can be difficult to figure out what works best. We’ve covered some of the reasons you may choose a Mitsubishi mini split installation below:

  • They Are Built to Last: Mitsubishi products are manufactured with quality in mind. They stand behind their work 100%, and so do we.
  • They Are Versatile: Being built on heat pump technology means they can not only effectively cool your home in the summer, but warm it in the winter as well.
  • They’re Environmentally Friendly: Mitsubishi mini split systems use environmentally friendly refrigerant, and these systems are also designed to have minimal impact on landfills.

Our Team Installs and Replaces Mitsubishi Mini Splits

But wait, how do you heat and cool your home without air ducts? This may seem counter–intuitive, but there’s a good explanation, just as there is a good reason to consider going ductless. A traditional air–source heat pump or central air conditioner has a large air handler through which all of your indoor air is sent via ductwork.

The Mitsubishi mini split systems, however, use multiple air handlers, or blowers, that are installed directly within your indoor living space. We can help ensure that your system matches your heating and cooling needs for the best performance and energy efficiency. We can also replace your system with a new Mitsubishi mini split if needed.

Ductless SystemPriced FromUp To*
Single Zone A/C Only $4250 $7150
Single Zone A/C and Heating $4550 $7800
Dual Zone A/C and Heating $7950 $8650
Triple Zone: 2 Indoor Units $9150 $12,200
Triple Zone: 3 Indoor Units $11,700 $15,160
Quad Zone: 2 Indoor Units $9990 $12,380
Quad Zone: 3 Indoor Units $12,550 $15,700
Quad Zone: 4 Indoor Units $15,130 $18,300
Five Zone: 5 Indoor Units $16,500 $22,500
Eight Zone: 8 Indoor Units $17,500 $28,400

*Prices are estimates. Please call to schedule an appointment. 

Do You Need Work On Your Mitsubishi Ductless System?

Mitsubishi products are designed to work well for a number of years, and your ductless system is capable of providing your entire household with the comfort you deserve. But in order to do this, they must be well taken care of. This means scheduling maintenance twice a year—typically once in the fall and once in the spring.

During maintenance, we’ll thoroughly clean, test, calibrate, and tune–up any components that need it. Also during this service, we’ll keep our eyes open for any pressing repair needs. Getting these repairs scheduled and tackling them right away means you’re less likely to experience a cooling emergency this summer. Contact a team you can trust for your Mitsubishi mini split services in Merced, CA, or if you have any questions at all about ductless cooling and heating. We look forward to helping you achieve optimum comfort within your home!