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One of the biggest problems we hear from our first time Merced, CA area customers is the discrepancy in temperature from one area of the house to another. Sure, you might like a crisp 65 degrees in the bedroom, but another family member probably doesn’t want to feel 65–degree tiles on their cold feet in the bathroom or when relaxing in front of the TV. That’s why zone control systems are such an important addition to a residential space in need of individualized climate control.

Zoning For Maximum Home Comfort

Most homes these days have large windows, higher ceilings, finished basements, and extra space carved out of the attic and garage. The more space and open glass space along your walls, the greater chance that you’ll lose heat and the temperature won’t remain steady from room to room.

A zone control system helps you avoid the inevitable overcooling of bottom floors and overheating of upper floors as hot air rises. With zoning, if you walk into one room and the thermostat is set to 70 degrees, it will feel like 70 degrees. If you walk into another room and the thermostat is set to 65 degrees, again, it will feel like 65 degrees.

Through zone control systems, Ace Air, Inc. helps ensure the comfort of every member of your family, whether in the sweltering heat of a sticky August or the chill of early January.

Benefits of Zone Control Systems

Beyond the basic comforts of zone control, these systems will provide you with monetary benefits throughout the year. During the summer when cooling costs can drive energy bills through the roof, many people end up cooling areas that don’t need it. If no one is in the attic for days at a time, why activate the vent there? If you have an empty spare bedroom, why blow cold air in there?

With zone control, you can set the thermostat for each zone, ensuring that the cooling air is only piped into rooms that need it. In the winter, the same theory works, allowing you to turn up the thermostat downstairs while turning it down upstairs where hot air is likely to rise and heat rooms through the floorboards.

And because your air conditioning system is pumping out less cooling air throughout the summer months, the AC unit will last longer than if it was working at full tilt for several months out of every year. That kind of guarantee is enough to offset any additional cost to a zone control installation.

Zone Control System Installation

The easiest and most recommended option is to include zone control when you have your heating and air conditioning installed. If you already have a heating and air conditioning system in place, adding a zone control system will cost slightly more, but in the long run the savings are enough to warrant the cost in only a couple of short years. And then of course there is the comfort factor, which you can’t put a price on.

Ace Air, Inc. provides a range of services to help maintain the comfort level in homes across the San Joaquin Valley area. Whether you need a full air conditioning installation or would like to upgrade your system with zone control, call us to learn how we can help you start saving money while guaranteeing the comfort of everyone in your house. And if you have issues with your systems or need a tune up to finicky thermostats, contact us for quick and easy repair services.