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4 Factors that Make Your Air Conditioner Use Up Energy

Monday, June 19th, 2017

ac-unit-condenser-moneyAir conditioning systems are some of the worst culprits of energy waste. You should expect your air conditioner to use quite a bit of energy in the summer, when people in Merced simply cannot go without a refrigerated air system to make the heat bearable. However, your air conditioning costs might be a lot higher than they really should be.

There are several factors that could make your air conditioner use up more energy than it should have to, and we want to go over a few of them here. For more information reach out to our experienced team!

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Is Your Air Conditioner Overworked?

Monday, June 5th, 2017

air-conditioning-maintenance-repairHere’s the deal: your air conditioner can only do so much. Central air conditioning is something many of us take for granted, adjusting the temperature to our liking and assuming it will work as needed. Unfortunately, that means a lot of air conditioners throughout the country, and especially in hot climates like ours, get overworked, risking sudden failure at nearly any moment.

Are you overworking your air conditioner? Check out some of the ways that people accidentally force their air conditioners to wear out too soon, and find out what you should do instead. It may save you money each month and help keep your air conditioner running smoothly for longer.

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