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4 Common AC Repairs You May Need This Summer

technician with tools working on outdoor ac unitWith temperatures already warming up and with summer well on its way, you are likely very well aware that you’re going to need your air conditioning system to function as efficiently and effectively as possible in the coming months. This means if your AC system is struggling at all to perform, then now is the best time to call for Turlock air conditioning repair.

But what can you expect, when you call for AC repairs? Well, it depends on what kind of problems you’re having with your system. For instance, if it’s blowing out air but that air isn’t cold, then you might have a refrigerant leak (which we’ll get to in a minute). Or if it’s making strange noises, it may be that parts are loose within it. Read on to discover 4 of the most common AC repairs you might need this summer, particularly if you haven’t had maintenance conducted yet.

1. Refrigerant Leak

There’s a common misconception among homeowners that refrigerant is something that runs out and must be refilled each and every year. Quite the contrary though—your air conditioner is supplied with enough refrigerant upon installation that if it’s losing any, it means you have a leak.

This leak must be found, and repaired so that your air conditioner can perform as it should. As we alluded to above, you may notice this problem in the form of warm air coming through your vents. Or, you might hear a hissing noise coming from the system.

2. Loose Component

Do you hear banging or clanging coming from your air conditioner? This is definitely something that should never be ignored! It can mean—and likely does ­mean—that you have a loose component within your air conditioner. Sure, the cooling system may still function with this loose component, for now.

But if it breaks off you could find yourself facing serious, costly system damages. Not to mention that when one component is malfunctioning or even just wearing down, it will have a domino effect on other parts of your air conditioner.

3. Dirty Air Filter

The air filter that comes with your HVAC system is there to protect the inside components of that system from dirt, dust, and other debris. Many people think it’s there for indoor air quality, but this isn’t the case. When that air filter becomes too clogged up, it prohibits airflow, and causes your AC system to have to work too hard, leading to increased wear and tear, among other cooling system problems.

4. Aging System

As your air conditioner grows older, even if you keep up on professional air conditioning maintenance each year (or every 6 months, if you have a heat pump system), it will accrue natural wear and tear to the point that repairs just can’t help it out anymore. If your AC system is over a decade old and you find yourself calling for repairs every few months, it could very well be time for an AC system upgrade.

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