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It’s Never Too Late for AC Maintenance!

technician-working-on-ac-unitActually, there is one scenario where it is too late for maintenance—your air conditioner has completely broken down and the compressor is shot. In this case, you’ll likely need to replace the compressor—which at this point we’d recommend an entire system replacement.

This is a lot less likely to happen in a newer system, or a system that has had maintenance done on it once a year. That’s the key, that your AC maintenance be done on a regular basis, no matter what time of the year it is. Sure, it’s ideal to have it done in the spring before temperatures get too high, but this is definitely a case where frequency matters more than timing.

Prioritizing Annual Maintenance

Your air conditioning maintenance, also known as an AC tune-up, is something that ever cooling system needs done on an annual basis. Or, if you have a year-round heat pump system, it should be done twice a year.

As we mentioned above, it matters more that you have these tune-ups done regularly than it does what tie of the year it is. Why, exactly, does maintenance need to be such a big priority? Well, because:

Summer Doesn’t Take a Vacation: Sure, we experienced unseasonable cool temperatures for a couple of months there, but there’s no denying that summer is here, now. And once it’s here, it has no plans of going away during summer. This means you need an air conditioner that’s always ready to perform, and deal with the warmer temperatures on their way.

Skipping Maintenance Leads to Higher Energy Bills: On average, each year an air conditioning goes without its routine tune-up, it loses around 5% of its efficiency, and this drop off gets steeper from year to year. You’ll find yourself paying more for the times your AC system runs longer than it should have to since it will struggle just to operate.

Regular Maintenance Prevents Emergency Breakdowns: The biggest benefit of routine air conditioning maintenance is that it prevents the system from suddenly shutting down on you during a scorching hot day. There are plenty more of those in the coming weeks and even months. You want your cooling system to get through each and every one of them!

Maintenance Prevents Repair Needs: We don’t want our customers spending unnecessary money on repairs that you could otherwise enjoy summer. We assume this is something you’d like to avoid as well. No matter what time of the year it is, if you take the right precautions, including having your cooling system professionally maintained, your air conditioner should perform well for the years to come.

It’s important for homeowners to remember that maintenance isn’t a “one-and-don’t” service. You’ll want to work with a qualified HVAC technician each year who you can trust to do a comprehensive job and follow it up with accurate repairs if needed. As a result, you’ll have a system that runs better and a wallet that doesn’t get quite as hefty a workload.

When you’re ready to schedule your air conditioning tune up in Gustine, CA, contact Ace Air, Inc.!

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