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Is Your Air Conditioner Making You Sick?

woman-sitting-on-couch-blowing-noseWe’re not talking about flu symptoms here, but rather—exacerbated allergy and asthma symptoms. These can be just as irritating and more long-lasting than the standard cold or flu!

And the worst part is, yes, it’s likely your air conditioner that’s causing the problem. Well, that’s not quite right either—it’s how you care for your air conditioner and your indoor air that prevents or causes allergy symptoms in many cases.

The fact of the matter is, your AC use may be making your air quality worse. Keep reading to learn more.

There May Be Harmful Particles in Your Air

Today’s homes are constructed very “tightly.” This is great news for your HVAC system as it improves efficiency. But it’s not so great news for your indoor air quality.

Your tightly sealed home can cause airborne contaminants to continuously circulate through your living space. Without any fresh air circulating throughout your home, you’re unable to ventilate, which means that stale, contaminated air just continues to get recycled—at least, this happens without the right indoor air quality products in place (which we’ll get to below).

“Doesn’t My Air Filter Help?”

We’re glad you asked! Your HVAC system does have an air filter in it after all. And that air filter stops larger particles from passing through. But… it stops larger particles from passing through, into your air conditioner. These standard air filters that come with your HVAC systems are there to protect the HVAC systems, not your indoor air!

“Okay, So What Can I Do?”

First off, you do not need to stop using your air conditioner to get healthier. You simply need to assess your indoor air quality opportunities and get the right products and services in place to mitigate the problem. How do you do that?

By contacting our team and inquiring about:

  • Whole-Home Air Filtration: As we mentioned above, a standard air filter won’t do much for your indoor air quality (it doesn’t hurt, though). Whole-home air filtration systems are designed to provide a more comprehensive approach to improving indoor air quality. There are a number of different filter types, but we recommend HEPA filters. These are top of the line, and very high quality. Even hospitals and laboratories use HEPA filters to ensure sanitization!
  • An Air Cleaner: There are two types of air cleaners—mechanical and electronic. Depending on your specific air quality needs, one might benefit you more than the other. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for more details.
  • A UV Air Purifier: There’s one type of air quality threat that many people don’t think about, and it can be very unhealthy—mold spores. Unfortunately, mold can develop anywhere that it might be cool and damp—like your ductwork during the summer. A UV air purifier can be directly installed into those ducts, to eliminate and prevent further microorganisms from spreading through your home.

For reliable indoor air quality and air conditioning service in Gustine, CA,

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