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“How Do I Fix My Damaged Ductwork?”

hvac-technician-hands-applying-sealant-on-ductsIf you’re expecting us to answer this with “duct tape,” you’d be mistaken.

You may be wondering about this one—after all, can’t anything be patched up with duct tape? Not the store-bought kind, unfortunately. Store-bought duct tape can resolve just about any situation (at least, temporarily) except for breaches in your air conditioning ductwork.

Unfortunately, however, one of the biggest energy wasters in your home comes from leaks in the ductwork, which is not something a lot of homeowners think about in terms of their indoor comfort. Professional duct sealing services from HVAC experts can stop your air conditioner (and forced air heater, for that matter) from losing up to 30% of the air traveling through its air ducts.

Think about what this translates to: This is conditioned air that you are paying for to keep you and your family comfortable, and it is simply going to waste. Keep reading to learn more!

The Problem with Store-Bought Duct Tape

If duct tape isn’t used to repair ducts, then why is it called duct tape?

There’s a bit of a fun history lesson behind this—duct tape was invented during WWI as a consumer-grade tape made available in most stores to quickly seal up ammunition boxes. With a cloth-backed adhesive, this tape was actually called duck tape. It’s speculated that the reason for this name was either due to the duck cloth it was backed with, or that the tape’s water-resistant properties reminded people of how water washes off of a duck’s oiled back.

It wasn’t until the 1950’s that duck became duct, and the assumption is because at that time people thought it was a good method to repair and seal HVAC ductwork. And this seems like it might work, right? But tests have shown that it doesn’t—due to the face that duct tape reacts poorly to heat and temperature fluctuations. Unfortunately the adhesive of the duct tape turns brittle and starts breaking off, essentially re-exposing the breach you tried to repair.

The Answer Is Professional Duct Sealing

With professional duct sealing, our staff uses specialized equipment, such as resin-based mastic sealing and metallic tapes, to ensure that your air ducts are made airtight. But it takes more than professional-grade sealant to do the job effectively—our technicians also accurately detect where exactly the leaks are coming from, and safely access them. This isn’t something an inexperienced or general handyman will be trained to do.

If you think you might need professional ductwork sealing done, please give our technicians a call! How do you detect this issue? Well, you might hear hissing or banging coming from leaky or loose ductwork. Some noise is normal, such as right when your HVAC compressor starts up, and right when it starts down (due to temperature fluctuations). But these noises should not persist.

Having your ductwork professionally repaired as needed is essential to the efficiency and overall performance of your air conditioning system. Neglecting ductwork repair can leave you with an inefficient AC system and perhaps even a premature replacement after years of forcing your air conditioner to work harder to bring temperatures down.

Ace Air, Inc. is your trusted resource for air conditioning repair in Los Banos, CA. Contact us today!

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