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“Will a Ductless Mini Split Benefit My Home?”

ductless air handler with remoteAs temperatures slowly but surely cool down, you may be getting ready to turn your air conditioner off for the season. If it had any trouble over the summer, you might even be wondering if it’s time to replace it for a more effective and efficient cooling system. If that’s the case, now is the perfect time to do so, while temperatures are mild. This way, you won’t have to scramble to make a purchase next spring when temperatures shoot back up.

If you are considering a cooling system replacement, and also have an aging furnace or other type of heating system, then we encourage you to look into the benefits of ductless mini splits, which we have highlighted below.

No Ductwork

The first advantage of utilizing ductless mini splits is the most apparent one—no ductwork is required. Without dealing with the logistics of a duct system, ductless air conditioning and heating systems can provide comprehensive cooling and heating power to homes that may not otherwise be able to enjoy central air, or haven’t been enjoying it to its fullest extent due to damaged ducts.

Ductless systems work especially well in larger homes with many rooms, homes with many family members (with just as many heating and cooling preferences), as well as commercial settings like medical facilities and nursing homes due to the sterilization benefits they offer (no dust, dirt, or allergens coming in through the ductwork).

Customize Cooling and Heating

This may seem like a minor issue, but if you have a large family then you know the struggle. Have you ever been in the middle of a squabble over settings on the thermostat? Then you’ll likely enjoy the precision that ductless air conditioner and heaters provide.

Let’s say that one family member is cooking in the kitchen and wants the temperature to be lower in order to offset the heat from the stove, while another family member is in the living room and prefers it to be warmer. With a traditional central air conditioner, either the person in the kitchen will be too hot or the person in the living room will freeze. Ductless mini splits solve this problem elegantly, enabling both family members to meet their particular needs.

Lower Energy Bills

By zoning your cooling and heating and using each ductless air handler independently of one another, the real benefit of ductless systems become clear. Household occupants don’t need to run the air in portions of the home that aren’t being used in the day, like bedrooms or upstairs portions of the home.

Yet that won’t exclude the ability to cool or heat those parts of the home that are occupied during the day. And as a result, your monthly utility bills will be much lower and the system as a whole won’t suffer as much wear and tear, all without losing the comfort that comes with whole-home cooling and heating. This typically works best in larger homes, or homes that might struggle to cool the entire home with a central system. But any home can benefit from lower energy bills!

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