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End-Of-Season Cooling System Care

outdoor-ac-unit-with-tools-on-topIf your air conditioner has completely broken down—the compressor is shot and it has no hopes of repair—then it’s of course time for an air conditioner replacement. But other than that scenario, it’s never too late to schedule an air conditioning tune-up in Los Banos, CA, and in fact, this is an important part of end-of-season cooling system care if you skipped maintenance in the spring. Yes, we recommend this service be done at the beginning of spring—before you need your system the most.

But with our summer temps often stretching into October and sometimes beyond that, it’s more important that you have it maintained on an annual basis than it is the time of the year you have it maintained. But why does this matter?

A Well-Maintained AC Is Less Likely to Suddenly Break Down

Air conditioning maintenance, also called a tune-up, is something that every HVAC system needs on a routine basis. If you have a standard central air conditioner, this means having it done once a year. If you have a year-round heat pump, it means scheduling service twice a year for the same system.

Making maintenance a priority is the best way to prevent sudden breakdowns. This is because during maintenance, our technicians do a very thorough inspection of your system, adjusting components that need it and alerting you to repair needs before they grow into complete malfunctions—more on that below!

Summer’s Don’t Take a Holiday

Sure, there have been times over the years that we’ve experienced unseasonably cool temperatures, but it’s no secret that our summer weather is longstanding—often stretching into fall and starting up again in early spring.

When we’re in the thick of summer though, heat really doesn’t dissipate all that much. So you need a cooling system that’s always ready to perform, and ready to deal with hot temperatures no matter when they come.

Lower Your Energy Bills

The average air conditioner loses about 5% of its energy efficiency each year it goes without maintenance, due simply to natural wear and tear. This drop off gets stepper over time though, which means you’ll find yourself paying more and more for your air conditioner use.

What happens is that hidden problems can keep your air conditioner’s compressor running longer than it should have to, which means you’re consuming more energy in your home that you should have to.

Prevent Cooling System Emergencies

The biggest benefit of routine air conditioning maintenance is that it prevents your air conditioner form suddenly breaking down on you. There are still plenty of warm days ahead for us if weather forecasts are correct, and you need your cooling system to get through the rest of them!

Fend Off Repair Needs

The last thing you need is to spend unnecessary money on repair needs when you could otherwise be enjoying these last few weeks of warm weather. No matter what time of the year it is, if you need your air conditioner you don’t want to be surprised by sudden repair needs.

Remember, maintenance is not a “one-and-done” air conditioning service. You want to make sure that you work with a qualified and experienced HVAC professional each year, whom you can trust to do a comprehensive inspection, and follow it up with quality repairs as needed. If you invest in this service each year, you’ll have a cooling system that operates better and a wallet that doesn’t suffer quite as much.

For your air conditioning needs and more, contact Ace Air, Inc. today!

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