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What Happens When You Neglect AC Repair Needs?

outdoor-ac-unit-with-tools-on-topIn short, you could end up with a much bigger emergency repair need later on, if not a totally broken down air conditioner.

The fact is, we use our air conditioners for days on end here during the summer, and usually well into fall as well. The last thing you need is a sudden breakdown when temperatures are at their peak. Yet if you neglect repair needs, that’s exactly what can happen.

“But wait,” you might be asking, “how do I spot these repair needs to begin with?”

Fortunately, there are some telltale signs that you need air conditioner repair, so long as you know what to look for. Read on!

Low Airflow

This has a number of potential causes, but when it comes down to it, conditioned air that’s not coming through the vents as powerfully as you’d expect is clearly a frustrating problem. It typically means that cold air is trapped within the system, which can cause the coils to freeze and create subsequent problems.

One possible reason this might occur is due to a clogged air filter. Fortunately, this is an issue you can resolve on your own—make sure you’re changing or cleaning your air filter every 1-3 months for optimal AC efficiency and functionality! If this doesn’t do the trick, however, it’s time to call in a pro.

Low Cooling Power

So, what if the air is coming through strong, but it doesn’t feel cooled? This can be caused by breached ductwork allowing conditioning air to escape into unoccupied spaces in your home, overheating AC components, or even leaking refrigerant.

Like reduced airflow, low cooling power is both the symptom of a problem and the cause of a problem—AC inefficiency.


If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you might have seen us mention short-cycling before. It refers to the process in which an air conditioner turns on and off rapidly. AC systems use the most of their energy turning on and off than they do simply running, so you do want yours to run for at least 15 minutes at a time.

If you noticed short-cycling right after a new AC system was installed, then it unfortunately means your system wasn’t sized correctly. If it’s an older system, however, there could be any number of things wrong—and only a professional should be trusted to fix it.

Odd Noises

Strange noises can mean anything—a loud humming you’ve never heard before, buzzing (which can be indicative of an electrical problem and requires an immediate repair call), clanging, or really anything that doesn’t match the normal sounds your system makes as it operates.

These sounds usually start and stop in time with the starting and stopping of your AC compressor.

Higher than Average Bills

Sometimes, a problem with the AC system won’t show any obvious signs, but will translate into excess energy being consumed. In these cases, you’ll likely notice the problem by spotting an unexpected spike in your monthly energy bills, particularly if you aren’t running your air conditioner any more than you did this time last year, or more than your immediate neighbors.

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