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Preventive AC Maintenance Starts Today

techncian's hands working on outdoor AC unitIt’s that time of year again—the time where it’s imperative to schedule your air conditioning maintenance if you haven’t done so already. If you have any hopes of maintaining efficient air conditioning in Turlock, CA, the best thing you can do is to schedule this service as early in spring as possible. But what actually happens during maintenance? This is actually a pretty common question we get from our customers.

And we’re glad you asked! It shows that you care about the equipment in your home and want to ensure that they operate at their highest performance. And by scheduling air conditioning maintenance now to prepare for the coming summer, you’re already making a great choice when it comes to seeing that your cooling system enjoys a long lifespan.

The Steps of AC Maintenance

There are a number of tasks that our technicians perform during maintenance. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Cleaning the Outdoor Coil: Dirty coils will make it more difficult for your AC system to efficiently vent heat outside.
  • Lubricating Motors and Other Moving Components: This relieves physical stress from the mechanical parts of your cooling system, which is a vital part of keeping any machine working, without suffering from major breakdowns or demanding too much energy.
  • Checking for Refrigerant Leaks: Your AC system shouldn’t lose any refrigerant during its day-to-day operations. In fact, if you’ve been told that refrigerant should be refilled during every tune-up, then you’ve been misinformed.
  • Examining the Outdoor Fan: Even minimal damage to the fan in the condenser cabinet can cause extensive damage to the rest of the unit and poor system operation.
  • Recalibrating the Thermostat: If a thermostat is off just by even a few degrees, it can negatively affect your comfort, and lead to a system that wastes energy.
  • Cleaning the Condensate Drain: If your cooling system’s condensate drain gets clogged, then the condensate pan will overflow, eventually causing the AC system to shut down.

Why Do These Steps Matter?

So we’ve told you what happens during AC maintenance, but what about the more important question—why does it matter? First off, it helps fend off the biggest and costliest of AC system repairs by catching small problem early on, before they have a chance to grow into something bigger.

Additionally, a properly-maintained air conditioner can retain up to 95% of its overall efficiency. That means it won’t be working as hard to do its job and will likely last much longer as a result! Lastly, you’ll extend the life of your system. Cooling systems that don’t have maintenance done on a regular basis has a significantly shorter life than ones that do.

Ask About Our Maintenance Plan

Perhaps you’ve already had maintenance done for your HVAC system or wondering how maintenance can save you money. We’re proud to offer a comprehensive inspection, while respecting your home and providing you with discounts on repairs and other labor.

Contact Ace Air, Inc. today to learn more about our maintenance plan and to schedule your next tune-up.

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