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Should a Refrigerant Leak be Repaired Right Away?

High efficiency modern AC-heater unit, energy save solutionThe short answer to this is, “yes.” But of course, you’d expect us to say that, right? Well, we promise we have good reason! You may not realize it but, low refrigerant can cause a host of problems for your cooling system, leading to potentially unnecessary air conditioning repair in Turlock, CA, and even premature replacement.

You may have been told at some point, perhaps by a general handyman or inexperienced HVAC professional, that refrigerant is something that needs to be refilled on a regular basis. However, refrigerant is recycled throughout the system, and should never “run out.” If your refrigerant does need to be refilled—what we refer to as recharged—it means you have a leak.

“Can I Take Care of This Repair On My Own?”

There are some air conditioning tasks you can complete on your own. In fact, there are a couple you should complete on your own, such as changing out the air filter every 1-3 months during periods of use. However, when it comes to dealing with hazardous refrigerant, expert knowledge and equipment are both needed to locate the leak and repair it so it doesn’t happen again. If you think your refrigerant level is low, then please give us a call! But, how do you know there is a problem?

You’re Experiencing Poor AC Performance

One of the symptoms of refrigerant loss is an air conditioner that blows out lukewarm air. This happens because there is not enough refrigerant to be compressed and condensed in order to transfer heat throughout the cooling process.

You may notice signs like increased humidity, or ice on the evaporator coil. As time goes on and the refrigerant leak continues, there will be less and less heat exchange, and you’ll notice your home’s interior temperature rising, no matter how low you set the thermostat.

Before this occurs though, listen closely—you might hear a sound reminiscent of “hissing” coming from the system. This is a sign that refrigerant gas is exiting the system, and is one noise you should never ignore.

Your Electric Bills Are Rising

As you might imagine, if your air conditioner is going through what we described above then it is working much harder than it should have to in order to do its job. As a result, efficiency drops and your monthly electric bills rise.

It’s natural to see an uptick in your cooling costs over the peak summer months. However, if your bills are disproportionately high compared to the year before, or compared to your neighbors bills, despite no change in usage, then you’re very likely looking at a performance issue with your cooling system, and it could be your refrigerant levels.

Avoid AC Damage

By neglecting a refrigerant leak, or any suspected problem with your air conditioner, you risk serious AC system damage. When you continue to run an air conditioner with too little refrigerant, it’s components are strained and can wear out much faster. This could lead to the air conditioner’s circuit breaker tripping. If this happens more than once, we encourage you to give our team a call rather than just resetting the breaker and calling it a day.

For reliable and trustworthy air conditioning services, look no further than Ace Air, Inc. Contact us today!

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