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Why Most Businesses Use Rooftop AC Units

rooftop unitsThere are a number of options to consider when purchasing an HVAC system for your commercial space or business. Finding the best unit for your space can be a daunting task without the right education. That’s what we are here for!

The first thing we want to point out is that fundamentally, commercial HVAC is the same as residential HVAC. However, there are some aspects that need precise attention since the heating, cooling, and ventilation is all occurring at a much larger scale, requiring larger and more powerful equipment.

Behold, the Rooftop AC Unit

The thing about commercial spaces, though, is that most have less room to spare than even a residential home. When you have a business you need office space (or tenant space), parking lots, and perhaps even patios and outdoor seating. This doesn’t leave a lot of room for a bulky HVAC system. That is, unless you get a rooftop unit!

But what benefits do they really bring besides saving a bit of space?

They Offer You Greater Flexibility: If you have your AC (or heating) units installed on the roof, it allows you to add to it if you expand the facility, add tenants, or even decide to redesign the space. Plus, if you decide that you need to redistribute airflow to meet new or changed air conditioning needs, you can move the units around, add to them or even take units away. You can also tailor the temperature settings on the various zones of your building.

Maintenance Is Easier: The rooftop placement of your HVAC system allows for added convenience when it comes to professional maintenance. Commercial units enable our service technicians to perform this service, or repairs, out of sight and out of mind. This means you don’t have to miss any days conducting business, since the tech doesn’t even need to enter your building.

There Is Less Noise Pollution: Manufacturers have made new HVAC systems with the intention of having them perform as quietly as possible. However, they still emit some noise. Fortunately, if your AC or heating unit is mounted on the roof, it’s out of earshot of you, your employees, tenants, and/or customers.

They are Safe and Stay Clean: With an HVAC unit on the ground floor, you risk exposure to dirt, dust, debris, and even litter. If there is a lot of foot traffic, it’s also subject to accidental damage, theft, or even vandalism.

They Are Easy for the Pros to Install: At some point, you might have heard a commercial rooftop unit referred to as a “packaged” system. The reason they’ve been given this name is because there is just one system for heating and cooling, which eliminates the need for separate systems. This means they’re easier (and thus, cheaper) to install than a split system unit.

Remember, just like any other HVAC system whether it’s for your commercial building or your home, the only way it can perform as effectively and efficiently as it’s meant to is if you have it professionally installed by trained technicians, and follow that up with professional maintenance and repairs as needed.

For quality commercial HVAC services throughout Merced, CA and the surrounding area, contact Ace Air, Inc. today!

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