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Don’t Wait for These 4 Heater Repairs

furnace-repair-techThe heating season is nearly over in Turlock, CA, but our team is still servicing heaters throughout the area. On hearing this news, some locals might think, “Why now? It’s nearly spring!” But that actually makes for an ideal time for furnace repair!

Think about this: technicians are not super busy around spring so you can get service as soon as you need it or schedule in advance on your own time. Besides, waiting too long for heater repair can be problematic, for many reasons:

  • The problem can get much worse.
  • You might eventually need emergency heating service at an added cost.
  • The heater may be completely broken down the next time you need it.

Don’t wait to schedule heater repair for these 4 issues!

1. Low Temperatures

Here’s one of those problems that doesn’t seem like too big of a deal. Sure, the air from the vents is not as warm as you’d like, but there’s some warmth coming from the heater, and you have blankets and sweaters to make the cold bearable. But when this happens, something is wrong with the heater (and it’s probably not the thermostat). Running the heater with this broken component can wear down additional parts until the system breaks down for good!

2. Frequent Cycling

A heater is designed to cycle on for several minutes before it reaches the temperature setting on the thermostat and shuts off again. Once temperatures cool down, the furnace will reignite, but this shouldn’t happen right away.

If your furnace seems to be stuck in a cycle of on-off-on-off with barely a break in between, there’s definitely something wrong. It could be as simple as a dirty filter or as complex as a broken motor, but it’s wearing down your system and costing you a lot to run it.

3. The Furnace Shuts Off Too Soon

There are so many possible causes for this issue, from the small and easily repaired to those that must be taken seriously.

  • Something may be “tricking” the heater into thinking temperatures in the home are high enough. An easy solution may be moving the thermostat, which could be too close to a heat source like a stove or in direct sunlight.
  • A broken safety switch might shut off the furnace because it falsely detects an issue. For example, a dirty flame sensor may detect no flame and shut off the furnace, even though the flame is present.
  • A safety switch may shut off the system for a valid reason, which could mean your heater needs replacement.

4. Strange Noises

Another problem that doesn’t seem like such a big deal is a noise from the furnace or the vents. The noise may actually be muted by the distance from the furnace to the living space, underexaggerating the issue.

Of course, some sounds actually do indicate smaller issues, such as a squeaking or grinding that may mean the blower motor belt needs replacement. But even these small issues can result in the furnace breaking down without warning.

Schedule heater repair in Turlock, CA with the specialists at Ace Air, Inc.

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