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Why Does Your Furnace Cost So Much to Run?

couple-coffee-floorMost people are paying too much for heating and cooling. Many of us just don’t realize it because we’re too busy around the house to notice much about the heater’s operation until the bill finally comes in the next month. You shouldn’t just deal with the high prices or shut your heater off completely to avoid this. There’s usually an explanation!

You keep the heat on high while you’re away

This is something that’s most likely a mistake. You leave the home when it’s nice and warm, forgetting that this is nothing like the weather outside. And without any automatic settings to reduce the temperature, it’s just wasting energy heating a home no one is in.

You could work on changing this habit, but this is a difficult undertaking. We recommend a smart thermostat that learns your schedule and also allows you to check on and change the home’s temperature while you’re away.

You change the thermostat settings too much

Leaving the heat on too long is one problem, but constantly readjusting settings can be just as bad. This can wear down the furnace with a bunch of stopping and starting up that takes a toll on a motor and raise your bills when it’s outside of the furnace’s normal cycle. Pick your preferred setting and keep it here when you are home, and turn it down by 5-10° when you leave. A programmable thermostat or smart thermostat makes it easier.

You haven’t changed the filter

You might think that the filter is primarily there for your health. However, its primary function is to protect the air conditioner and the heater. It makes sure the furnace is not hit with incoming debris the blower fan sucks in.

But when it’s dirty, the blower fan cannot suck in much air at all. This leads the system to work harder than it should have to, resulting in higher energy bills.

Something is broken

If your energy and fuel costs seem to have spiked somewhat suddenly, it’s probably due to a broken component within your heater. When something is broken, your heating system cannot function the way it’s supposed to. It may have to work a lot harder than usual, resulting in a spike in your bills.

An unexpected spike in costs may not seem like a reason to call in a technician, but we think it’s worth it even if your system appears to be functioning well.

Your heating system is old

Unfortunately, there comes a point when your furnace needs to be replaced. One of the telltale signs is if your energy bills have just been steadily rising over the last several years. This is likely coupled with frequent repairs or problems keeping the home comfortable. You might have to replace your system, but you could be surprised by just how much you save with a new high-efficiency heating system.

Struggling with efficiency in your furnace or heat pump? Contact the friendly team at Ace Air, Inc. for heating repair in Atwater, CA.

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