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3 Surprising Reasons for Heating Repairs

furnace-heating-maintenance-repairRepairing a heating system is something that requires a specialist. If you attempt to do a repair on your own, the problem may only get worse, requiring you to call in technicians to solve further problems.  After all, you wouldn’t want to attempt a costly repair on your own, only to find out the problem actually comes from something as simple as a dirty filter, would you?

Yes, a heating system can break down just because an air filter has not been changed! This and other common reasons for heating repair may surprise you. Just ask our experts!

#1: A Dirty Filter

We get a lot of raised eyebrows when we tell people that the problem they were having with their heater likely originated from a dirty air filter. This causes a number of problems from small performance issues to eventual system breakdowns. But how can this happen with a simple filter?

Because a filter is intended to protect your heating system.

But when it’s dirty, it cannot do this job properly. The dirt and debris block airflow from moving into the system, and your heater is designed to take in a certain amount of air with each cycle. While it won’t cause your heater to break down right away, the eventual problems that can stem from a dirty filter are not worth it:

  • Poor Performance
  • High Energy Bills
  • A Worn-Down Blower Motor
  • Overheating

Change the air filter every 1 to 3 months.

#2: Leaks in the Ducts

The air ducts seem like a relatively stable component of your heater and air conditioning system. With no mechanical parts, it seems that the ducts would remain in good condition without much work. But HVAC technicians know that’s far from the truth.

Air ducts are often installed incorrectly, thanks to builders who don’t always contract the job out to the right source. Sometimes, ducts are installed in such a way that air cannot efficiently, making unnecessary twists and turns throughout the house. Otherwise, they are improperly sealed, leaving leaks throughout the air ducts.

Leaks mean that air does not move directly into your home. Most ducts leak about 20-30% of the air that moves through them, resulting in a huge waste of energy! Technicians may show up to fix a poorly performing heater, only to discover they must seal or repair much of the ductwork too.

#3: Dirt on the Flame Sensor

Finally, we return to dirt. It affects your system in more ways than one. The flame sensor (or thermocouple, on older furnaces) is the part of your system that detects whether or not a flame has really ignited when the furnace starts. If a flame is not detected within a few seconds, the gas valve shuts for your safety.

If there is dirt on the flame sensor, it may have difficulty detecting a flame. Therefore, the system shuts off soon after starting, even though it was working just fine. Homeowners are always surprised to hear that what they believed to be a broken-down system was actually a bit of dirt!

For more information, contact Ace Air, Inc. and schedule your next heating repair or maintenance in Merced, CA.

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