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Can Dirty Ducts Impact Heating Efficiency?

duct-being-cleanedYour heating system is not a simple piece of equipment. There are a variety of components and parts that must work together in order for it to efficiently and effectively keep your home and family comfortable. One of these components is your ductwork—rather, the network that moves air throughout your home during system operation.

Many homeowners neglect their air ducts—not intentionally so, but nevertheless, they are neglected. Truth be told, your air ducts don’t give off many symptoms that they are in need of repair or professional cleaning from a licensed and experienced Atwater HVAC contractor. However, keeping your air ducts healthy is more important than you may think, particularly if you want to maintain the integrity and efficiency of your heater, not to mention the quality of your indoor air.

Dirty Ductwork and Your HVAC Efficiency

If you’re wondering if a professional duct cleaning will help the energy efficiency of your heater, the answer is yes. The dirt and dust that can build up in your ductwork can actually insulate them, making it more difficult for an air conditioner to push air through them to its destination. This makes the system operate a long longer as it struggles to reach your desired temperature. In order to get the most out of your heater during the winter (not to mention your air conditioner in the summertime), you want to make sure that your ducts don’t obstruct airflow.

Duct cleaning is one of those services that isn’t required annually (rather, every few years should do) and leaves little reason to not have done. It offers you a number of advantages, from saving money to making you more comfortable in your home.

Consider Your Indoor Air Quality

Clean ductwork can absolutely help your heater work more efficiently. Professional duct cleaning does more than just that, though—it also improves your indoor air quality. In any given home, the average indoor air quality is much lower than the quality of air outdoors, due to the presence of airborne contaminants and their inability to escape your home without the right equipment in place.

Breathing in these contaminants can cause a number of health issues, particularly for individuals who already suffer from allergies and/or asthma. This is exacerbated if contaminants are allowed to collect in the ductwork and be recirculated throughout your home. This is the main reason that duct cleaning is done, to remove those contaminants.

Stay Warm and Healthy

In order to stay comfortable, and maintain your family’s health, this winter, we encourage you to give our staff a call about scheduling professional duct cleaning. Even if you’ve had them cleaned out previously, you should probably do it again if it has been around 2-3 years. Not only will this help your heater, but because it’s all connected, it will help out your air conditioner, too. You’ll find yourself enjoying better air quality and lower bills as a result!

For quality HVAC services throughout Merced, CA, and to schedule your next duct cleaning service, contact Ace Air, Inc. today!

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