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Humidify Your Home for Your HVAC System and Your Health!

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When you hear the term humidity, you probably think about the muggy summers that Turlock is well known for. You also probably thing of humidity as a nuisance, and not something that can actually contribute to your indoor comfort. The fact of the matter is, though, that your home actually needs a bit of humidity during the cooler months.

Our fall and winter seasons can get quite dry, which impacts your indoor air quality, and subsequently your health and the health of your property. If your home’s humidity levels are down too low, then even the temperature inside will be less comfortable. Don’t let your household or your HVAC in Turlock, CA suffer—contact us to see how a whole-house humidifier might benefit you!

Some Facts about Humidity

In order to understand why your home needs some humidity, you need to know what humidity actually is. It is the amount of water vapor in the air, to put it simply. Fall and winter are dry because cold air doesn’t retain as much water vapor as warm air is able to, and water vapor actually acts as an insulator (which is why excessive humidity in the summer is so uncomfortable).

The ideal relative humidity level in your home should be between 30-50%. Anything lower than that 30% is considered too dry, and indicates that you’d likely benefit from a whole home humidifier.

We highly recommend the whole-home system over the single room system. This is mostly because the whole-home system works seamlessly with your existing HVAC unit, adding moisture to all of your air, not just some of it like a single room humidifier would. You set the amount of humidity you want to your system through a humidistat feature, and it’s added to your air through steam or a light mist.

The Impact of Low Humidity

By adding a whole-house humidifier, you can reduce the operating costs of your heater. Our bodies lose heat through our pores when the humidity is too low, causing you to lose even more heat and feel colder. The added humidity in the winter time leaves you comfortable in your home even with a lower temperature setting on your thermostat.

What This Means for Your Health

Low humidity can definitely have an impact on your health. But the installation of a whole-home humidifier can:

  • Help Relieve Cold Symptoms: Adding the appropriate amount of humidity to your home can help prevent and relieve cold and flu symptoms. This is because dry air dries out your sinuses, and makes you more susceptible to catching contagious illnesses like the cold and flu.
  • Alleviate Respiratory Symptoms: Just how dry air exacerbates cold and flu symptoms, it also worsens respiratory problems such as allergies or asthma. If your home has the right amount of moisture, however, allergy and asthma sufferers will experience less symptoms.
  • Moisturize Dry Skin: Dry skin is annoying at best, but can even be painful if it gets chapped enough. And this is a definite possibility when temperatures are low and the air is too dry.

For exceptional indoor air quality services and more, contact Ace Air, Inc. today!

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