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4 Things to Know about Air Ducts

duct-system-sealing-handsThe air ducts are the gateway from your home’s air conditioner and heating system to the rooms of your home. The ductwork allows air to get sucked into the system in the first place and then to be distributed throughout the home as evenly as possible—if it’s in good shape.

But the fact of the matter is that most air ducts are not. The ductwork is likely something you know little about, even in your own home, and it could be bent out of shape (figuratively or literally). This is the first topic we’ll cover in our guide to what we think homeowners should know about the air ducts.

Most Ducts Are Leaking

As it turns out, most air ducts in the United States are compromised. After years of wear and tear, that air pressure can take its toll on the ducts. Left unchecked, your home air ducts are likely leaking out about 20-30% of the air your AC and heating systems produce!

How do these leaks form? Some of it has to do with standard wear you would expect with any system. Ducts tend to separate at the joints over time, although this may have to do with improper installation (more on this below). Otherwise, entire pieces of ductwork may collapse, which could explain why you get little airflow in one part of the home.

Many More Are Improperly Installed

Air ducts may not develop leaks over time, but start out with them. In fact, this is incredibly common, in part because many builders do not hire duct design professionals to install the ducts in the first place.

Improperly installed ductwork may mean ducts twist and turn in the wrong places, which means it takes the air longer to get to some parts of the home to the others. It means ductwork may not be the proper length or width for the air conditioner and heater that’s properly rated for your home. This can cause a lot of problems in the long run.

You Could Be Wasting Money

The biggest concern with both leaking ductwork and improperly installed ducts is the fact that they create a delay in the amount of time it takes for air to reach certain rooms of the home. Your air conditioning and heating systems have to work harder, you feel less comfortable, and, worst of all, you spend more.

First, you spend on the extra energy used to generate enough airflow through the ducts and reach the thermostat settings. Then, there’s the added cost of potential premature AC and heating repairs. If the ducts are not properly sealed or constructed, it’s so important to have trained HVAC contractors repair or replace them!

The Ducts Might Be Full of Germs

Finally, you should know that your ducts could be full of germs. While some contractors are quick to recommend duct cleaning (which is often not done properly), we typically recommend installing a UV light air purifier instead. This is an effective way to kill off germs moving through the HVAC system, sterilizing them so they are no longer harmful to breathe in.

For more information about our duct and indoor air quality services, call a qualified HVAC Contractor in Atwater. Contact the pros at Ace Air, Inc.

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