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“How Powerful Should My Air Filter Be?”

white question mark on blue backgroundWhen it comes to your indoor air quality, it’s important to be aware of what factors contribute to ill health. A common misconception that many homeowners have about their HVAC systems is that the air filter within it is all they need for proper indoor air quality. This is simply not the case, though.

That air filter is there to protect the inside components of the HVAC system itself, from dust, dirt, and debris that could otherwise be allergens for you. True, the air filter does help a little for indoor air quality, but that is really not its sole purpose.

This myth about air filters can actually leave you with an air conditioner that makes your air quality worse, as you may not realize you need to change it every 1-3 months (depending on the type of air filter and the level of contaminants in your home.

The Power of Your Air Filter

So, if the air filter that comes standard with your HVAC system isn’t enough to protect your indoor air from allergens and other contaminants, what is? Well, there are a number of products that can help—one of the main ones being a more powerful air filter, known as an air filtration system.

An air filtration system has a bigger surface area than the standard air filter. You can take this a step further and invest in a HEPA filter, which is a very tightly woven mesh filter that does not allow for any particulates to pass through. We do urge you to discuss this with an indoor air quality professional, as it is possible to get too powerful of a filter, which will restrict airflow and leave you less comfortable than you should be.

Other air cleaning options include the:

  • UV Purifier: Also referred to as UV germicidal lights, the UV air purifier is a great addition to any HVAC system. Bacteria, mold, and viruses are eliminated at the source (your ductwork) by this system so that they never make their way into your indoor air to begin with.
  • Electronic Air Purifier: This system charges particulate in the air so that they cling to a metal plate in the system, which you can easily access to clean off every few months.

Why Does Your Indoor Air Quality Suffer So Much, Anyway?

This is a great question! The thing is, today’s homes are built with very tight construction. There is a reason for this—it allows for little air loss, making your HVAC systems perform more reliably. But unfortunately, since your home is so tightly sealed up to prevent air leaks, it also doesn’t allow any fresh air to come in, and you lack any way to ventilate.

As a result, the particulates build up in your home, making your indoor air quality worse that the quality of air outside. Fortunately the above mentioned systems can certainly help with this problem! Plus there are other indoor air quality products and services that can help your home even more, which we will be happy to discuss with you when you give our team a call.

For expert indoor air quality services and advice throughout Merced, CA and beyond, turn to Ace Air, Inc. Contact us today!

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