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Packaged Air Conditioning Units

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The most efficient way to cool a large building is with a packaged air conditioner, a single unit that is capable of producing many tons of cooling from a central location. Better yet, modern packaged air conditioning units are more energy efficient than ever before and work with the space you have available, whether they are floor based or rooftop units.

Whether you are interested in learning more about a commercial packaged air conditioner or you’re ready to schedule installation or service for one of these units, call Ace Air, Inc. today. Our Merced, CA area technicians are always available to provide expert assistance for all of your commercial cooling needs.

Commercial Packaged Air Conditioner Options

A packaged air conditioner is an outdoor unit that houses the condenser, compressor and evaporator in a single box. The unit cools the air by compressing refrigerant gas which then absorbs heat from the air when it evaporates. Air is then transferred into your building through an air handler and into the ductwork that distributes it to each office or unit.

One of the many benefits of a packaged air conditioning system is that some units come with electric or gas supplements that allow them to also heat air and distribute it into your building. With all of the components outside, a packaged system can heat air as easily as it cools. With rooftop units offering sizes as large as 150+ tons, you can cool many thousands of square feet with a single unit.

Commercial Packaged Air Conditioner Installation

The first step when installing a new commercial packaged air conditioner is sizing and choosing the right model. While it might seem like the best option is to choose the largest air conditioner available, oversized models tend to be less efficient if they’re too large for the space. They cycle on and off constantly, never establish an even level of cooling for your business and because of all that on and off cycling, they use more energy and wear down faster. So, a proper load calculation for all of the space in your building that will be cooled with the device is needed to ensure you get the right unit.

Commercial Packaged Air Conditioner Maintenance & Repairs

Once your new packaged air conditioner is installed, it’s important that it is properly maintained on an annual basis. Because the unit is outside, it is more prone to damage from weather and debris, so proper cleaning is a must, but so too is calibration and proper testing each spring before cooling season. If your packaged unit is used year–round, you may opt for twice–yearly visits.

If there is a problem with your system, you need a contractor on call who can fix the problem fast so you are without cooling for as little time as possible.

That’s where Ace Air, Inc. comes in. Our trained staff of heating and air conditioning experts has worked with commercial packaged air conditioning units in the San Joaquin Valley area for years and can provide you with the high level of service needed when dealing with such important systems. If you’re having trouble with the air conditioner at your commercial building or you’re interested in having a new one installed, call us today to get started by talking to one of our experts.