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Commercial Rooftop Units in Merced, CA

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If you’re in the market for a new commercial air conditioning and heating system, you’re in luck. Ace Air, Inc. stocks top brands of commercial rooftop units in Merced, CA. We can help you find the system that’s just right for your property and for your company’s budget. We will make sure that everything is running smoothly before we leave, and we can offer all of the maintenance and repair services you need in the coming years.

We also gladly offer services even for commercial rooftop units that we didn’t install. We can provide prompt repairs when you need them, and we have excellent maintenance packages. And when the time comes for a commercial unit replacement, we will do whatever possible to make it easy on you. Call our friendly team today!

Commercial Rooftop Unit Installation

You want an installation built to last. That’s why it’s so important to call professionals for your commercial heating and cooling installation. They can ensure that the system is properly sized and installed, and they have experience working with and selecting large commercial grade HVAC equipment—which is often more difficult to work with than residential HVAC equipment.

Our technicians will take you through all of your options for commercial heating and cooling installation, but we usually land on commercial rooftop units for properties in Merced, CA. This type of system has many benefits:

  • Commercial heat pumps provide heating and cooling in one.
  • Top brand name systems are often highly efficient throughout the year, when properly installed and maintained.
  • Maintenance and repairs are easier and less intrusive for your business when the unit is located on the rooftop and away from the daily operations of the property.

Commercial Unit Repair and Replacement

When your commercial rooftop unit stops working properly, you hope that the system won’t need to be completely replaced. However, sometimes it is what’s best for your budget in the long term, and for the comfort of everyone on your property.

Here are some of the times when replacing all or a large part of a commercial heat pump or rooftop air conditioner simply makes the most sense:

  • When the system is about 10 to 15 years old and no longer runs efficiently.
  • When you seem to make repairs far too frequently.
  • When the price of making a repair is comparable to the cost of a whole new system or module.

Commercial Heating and Cooling Maintenance

One of the most important things you can do for the comfort of everyone who uses your commercial property is to schedule commercial heating and cooling maintenance each and every year. This way, you can improve your chances that the units won’t break down when you really need them to work. You won’t have to call a technician in for emergency repairs and take time out of a busy day.

Get a tune–up and inspection in the spring and in the fall for your commercial rooftop unit. Or call us for commercial rooftop system repairs, replacement, or new installation. Let us help you keep up with the comfort system on your commercial property in Merced, CA. Ace Air, Inc. is the team to call!