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California winters aren't exactly the harshest in the country. You still want to have a good heating system in your home, though. Nobody likes being in a cold home during the winter. If you're looking for a system that can keep your home comfortable through the cold months, we can help! At Ace Air, Inc., our goal is to keep your home warm and comfortable year–round. Contact us today for an appointment with one of our expert heating technicians. 

                Heating Tip

Heating in Merced does not have to be about the largest or newest heating system. If homeowners are efficient with how they are heating their homes, that will keep them warm and lower energy costs. Remember to close chimney vents if the fireplace is not being used. Remember to close the vents and doors of rooms that are not in use. These smart tactics will create a zone heating effect without having to install any new technology.

Our Heating Services

Whether you need your heating ducts cleaned or have a furnace on the fritz, our team of highly skilled technicians is trained in a full range of heating services:

Whether you’re moving into a new home or are working on having your dream house built, we can install a full range of heating equipment, including furnaces, ductwork, and thermostats.

Heating System Selection

Choosing a heating system for your home is not easy. There are many factors involved including price, efficiency, and durability. When you hire us for your home heating needs, our goal is not to try and sell you on the biggest and most powerful system, but to help you choose what works best for you and your home.

We offer a wide array of furnace styles and models, allowing you to make decisions based on your budget and needs. We install gas furnaces, as well as electric heaters for those homes without gas hook–ups. Forced air systems are also available for homes with central air and can incorporate the two systems with the same ductwork.

Heating System Efficiency Ratings

The annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating given to furnaces is used to measure the energy efficiency of a heating system. Most of the residential heating systems currently available provide an AFUE rating of 80% or higher. Choosing a system with a rating of at least 90% helps ensure you get the highest possible performance out of your heating system for years to come.

There is a necessary balance in making your decision, as systems with higher AFUE ratings often come with higher price tags. So, make sure to decide based on how often you will use your heating system, the load that will be placed on it and the frequency with which you plan on having it serviced each year. For more temperate climates with low heating loads in the winter, having a super high rated heating system is not always necessary.

Heating Expertise

We have been helping keep our customers warm all over the San Joaquin Valley area for years. Our team of highly skilled technicians knows the ins and outs of every style and model of heating system on the market. So, when you call Ace Air, Inc., you know that you’ll get someone who not only knows what you need but who understands the very real world concerns you have in regards to your energy use, heating capacity, and the comfort of your family.

Whatever your concerns, contact us today to talk to a trained professional and setup an appointment for an estimate.