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Ductless Heat Pumps in Merced, CA

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A ductless heat pump is the perfect installation for any home in our area without working ducts to install a central AC or heating system. This type of system is not the same as a room air conditioner, a window unit, or a portable AC unit. It is constructed quite similarly to a central air conditioner or heat pump (a system that provides heating and cooling in one, using refrigeration). And it has high efficiency ratings and performance levels as well.

Ace Air, Inc. is your source for whole–home comfort year round. We are friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced, and our staff members are always willing to help. We install and service ductless heat pumps in Merced, CA and the surrounding areas. Call our team for more information or to schedule service today!

                Merced County ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Tip

A general tip for ductless mini split heat pumps in Merced County is to consider these appliances for rooms or homes that do not have air ducts, or enough space in their home to add air ducts. Ductless mini split heat pumps are great for add–on rooms, or homes that do not already for duct work because adding ductwork is an expensive project. These independent heating appliances can also be more efficient if homeowners are just heating one or two rooms, instead of heating an entire home.

Why Install a Ductless Heat Pump

We recommend ductless heat pumps to homeowners in our area without any ducts and without an efficient method of heating or cooling their homes. If you do already have central AC and heating, a ductless heat pump is probably not the best match for you. But if you’re using window and room units, there’s nothing like having efficient whole–home cooling and heating for convenience and comfort.

Ductless heat pumps are a great pick for homes without ducts, for so many reasons.

  • No Major Renovations – A major appeal of ductless heating and cooling is the ability to have a whole–home comfort system without making any major renovations to a ductless home. Technicians just need to drill a hole through the wall to connect a refrigerant line from indoor wall–mounted blowers to the outdoor unit.
  • High Efficiency – Ductless units are far more efficient than window units and portable AC systems, which don’t really need to follow the same federal standards as central AC systems.
  • Zone Control – Individual wall–mounted blower units are zoned and come with their own thermostats, so you can control the temperature in one room individually from others. Or, a central thermostat allows you control of all of the units at once.

Our Ductless Heating and Cooling Services

Ductless heat pumps must be professionally installed and serviced if you expect them to work properly year–round. Without the proper service, your air conditioning and heating system may suffer from poor performance and low efficiency, even one that highly rated for efficiency.

Call our technicians for any of these services, and feel confident that the job will be completed the right way the first time around.

  • Ductless Heat Pump Installation – A ductless heat pump cannot just be mounted on the wall. You need to ensure it is properly sized and securely mounted, and that it has the right amount of refrigerant. That’s where we come in.
  • Repair and Replacement Services – We will only recommend a replacement system if it is absolutely necessary for your budget and comfort, and we’ll work hard to provide prompt ductless heat pump repairs.
  • Routine Maintenance – Routine ductless system maintenance can help your system to last for longer and operate more efficiently throughout the year.

Call Ace Air, Inc. today for quality ductless heat pump services in Merced, CA!