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Heating Maintenance

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Your home’s heating system is an incredibly durable collection of ducts, pipes and machinery. But, without the proper maintenance, that system will soon show signs of wear and require repairs to remain operational. To avoid excessive heating repair costs and to keep your Merced, CA area home nice and toasty throughout the winter months, it’s important to schedule annual maintenance for your entire home heating system.

                Heating Maintenance Tip

In order to save money on energy bills you should make sure you are heating your home as efficiently as poaaible.  Start with insulation.  Insulate your air ducts so heat is not lost when traveling through the home.  Close those drapes or curtains because that will increase the amount of insulation your home has.  Make sure that your home is properly sealed so you can avoid creating drafts in your home.  Changing the furnace filters will contribute to an efficient heating system.  If you cook while everyone is home, and do your laundry these appliances will help heat the house as well.  Utilizing warm clothing indoors will also cut down on your need to turn up the heat.  If all this fails it might be time for a new heating system.

Professional Heating Maintenance

The heating specialists at Ace Air, Inc. have been helping keep homes warm for years. Our trained team of expert technicians provides service on all major brands, and with our massive stock of parts for any style of heating system, we can ensure your heater will work well this winter.

During an inspection, our technicians will check your entire system, reviewing the integrity of your furnace, visually inspect duct work, and checking calibration in the thermostats to ensure everything is working as required.

Regular Maintenance Needs

Your home’s heating system requires clean ducts and properly set thermostats to ensure heat is evenly distributed throughout the house. Without regular maintenance, you run the very real risk of damage to your system and the need for substantial repairs, or even replacement.

Additionally, regular maintenance can help maintain the efficiency of a good heating system. Even older, lower AFUE furnaces are able to reduce overall energy use and maintain their effectiveness if you take the time to have them properly cleaned and serviced each year. There is likely wear on common parts that will need to be replaced, build–up of dirt in your ductwork, dust accumulation in thermostats, and a number of other environmental issues that can reduce the effectiveness of your heating system and possibly even lead to a breakdown.

Preventative Heater Maintenance

One of the reasons that regular maintenance is so important is that it will help to reduce the need for costly repairs on your system. For example, a cracked seal replaced during regular maintenance could turn into a major leak or excess pressure being put on an aging furnace. That single cracked seal, if left untended for too long, could result in serious damage that might even require replacement of the furnace.

Imagine the money you will save by having someone come in once every year and check for any potential problems. Beyond reducing major repair costs, you will extend the lifespan of your furnace by multiple years. A system that is scheduled to last for 10–15 years might even last for as long as 20 years with the right annual care. And while operating, that system will provide more heat for less energy cost than if you ignored the potential problems that your system might have.

Expert Heating System Maintenance in Merced

When it comes time do maintenance on your heating system, give the skilled technicians at Ace Air, Inc. a call. We have been providing the San Joaquin Valley area with resounding service on a variety of heating systems for years. Call us today to setup regular heater maintenance to ensure that you continue to get the most out of your system.