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Maintenance Plan

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Regular maintenance will save you money by keeping your air conditioner or heater running at peak efficiency. Keeping your fireplace and mechanical equipment well maintained makes sure it is operating safely, helps it last longer, and can prevent breakdowns and repairs.

Our thorough maintenance program includes the following:


  • Clean or change up to (2) filters
  • Check Freon levels
  • Check condenser coil
  • Check and adjust any fan belts
  • Check oil condenser motors
  • Check and tighten electrical connections
  • Check voltage and amperage draws
  • Check fuses and breakers
  • Check and adjust thermostats
  • Check temperature differentials


  • Clean or change up to (2) filters
  • Check and adjust thermostat & and heat anticipator
  • Check fire & combustion air
  • Check air temperature and furnace fan switch
  • Check and clean burners
  • Check operation of automatic pilots
  • Check for heat exchanger
  • Oil evaporative motors
  • Check fuses and breakers
  • Check voltage, amperage and tighten electrical connections
  • Check Freon levels in heat pump
  • Check reversing valve and heat strips


  • Clean gas valve and fan area
  • Clean glass with cleaner
  • Light pilot
  • Check complete heating operation

In addition, the customer will receive a 10% discount on parts.

Priority service is provided: if the customer needs unscheduled service or repair, they will be placed in front of the other customers that do not have a service agreement with Ace Air, Inc..